Our Unique Milling Process

Current digital currency technology involves laborious and cutthroat mining to process transactions, Gritcoin transactions produce new dough by a wholesome process we call Milling™. Milling down by the river has always been central to community.

Gritcoin is built on Git, a leading distributed revision control system developed by Linus Torvalds, open source activist and creator of Linux.

When someone inspires you with their courage and determination –their grit, you add a transaction to THE COB, and the grit multiply. The recipient can then pay it forward.

And we’re not talking about a pat on the back for bringing you a cup of coffee. We’re talking about the ones who dig through the couch cushions to pull together enough change to bring you a latte from that shop on the corner that you like. In the rain. At 5 am before the shop opens. Because they spent weeks getting to know the barista and knew he’d be sleeping out back in his car.

We’re not talking about the type of corporate culture that parties. We’re talking about the ones that stay in the office after everyone leaves for a the pub to help that one customer who no one wants to talk to because they ask the same questions every time and sound like they are speaking through a toilet paper tube covered with wax paper.

We’re not talking about a QA tech whose bug report says “It’s not working”. We’re talking about adding screen shots. Inspecting the data before and after the bug. Including a copy of the data. And trying it in IE6, 7, 8, Opera, and Silk on a Kindle Fire.

We’re not talking about the kids who check into master. We’re talking about the ones who spend the time to read the instructions and learn how to rebase and write their pull requests in haiku.

These are the people who make things happen. The ones with true grit.



A saucy line will not get you far with me.